2 posts for the price of 1!

This isn’t so much pictures but more on my thoughts – Chris suggested ‘the good, the bad and ugly’. In the months leading up to leaving on June 27th, it was so busy that I didn’t really have time to think about going away and in all honesty, I freaked out and panicked a couple of weeks before we left when things had calmed a bit. 14 months is a long time and at times it does feel overwhelming.

The Good

  • Seeing new places
  • Eating!
  • Meeting up with friends around the world and Jabu. That dog is so cool.
  • Picking up new skills (the art of finding a shady spot in the desert is a good one as is setting up a campfire!)
  • Meeting new people, we have met some genuinely nice people.
  • Home made American lemonade is good.
  • Doing laundry. When you only have 2 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts, 4 vest tops etc and you constantly sweat, it’s so nice to have clean clothes!
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman will be televised next year!

The Bad

  • I was a bit ill with nausea, lack of appetite etc n the first couple of weeks and it put a dampener on stuff and also highlighted how lucky we are with the NHS in the UK.
  • I’ve turned into a hypochondriac.
  • I also found it a bit stressful (and still do from time to time) about being on the move all the time, finding the next place to stay etc and keeping within budget. (Damn you Brexit).
  • I discovered I am addicted to the internet and tv. I feel happy whenever I find either. There’s nothing like chilling out with some tv :pĀ  although a good campfire is also good but not neccessary in the summer desert : p
  • Fucking mosquitos and gaint dangerous flying bugs.
  • It’s too hot to wear socks šŸ˜¦ If you know me, I LOVE socks!

The Ugly

  • The desert heat (currently in Southern Utah) temperatures are around 40-43 degrees celcius. it’s no fun camping in this heat, there’s no cool room to hide out in the afternoon. You definitely don’t want to hike in the afternoon unless you’re mental. I’ve had self doubts about functioning in this heat and actually thought about leaving the desert and go somewhere cooler but we currently have a 2 day break in motels, which has made me feel a lot better. I’ve been dust free for almost 2 days, yay! Chris functions better than I do!
  • I feel a bit lonely sometimes, I do miss the interactions with friends and work mates. As lovely as Chris is, we do the same stuff so have nothing different to talk about. (We have struck up conversations with strangers but nothing lasting – they’re always heading the opposite way šŸ˜¦Ā  however one day, someone will be heading the same direction!) I am very lucky though, with support from my friends šŸ™‚ and hope to see some of you on my travels!

Side note – The Weird

  • Lots of tv ads on selling you medicine but with a lot of warning on using it. Or suing for stuff.
  • Lack of kettles
  • Being able to buy machetes, guns and stuff

Observation- I’ve survived 4 weeks of travelling! Whoo!