This is a short one!

So before and after going to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National park, we chilled out at our friends – Nic, Kate & Jabu’s new place in Salt Lake City  (staying in a proper place is so nice, thanks so much guys and for the itinerary all the way to LA). It was so awesome to see Kate again, that’s one of the good things about this travel trip.

It’s a lot hotter and drier here than up north in Wyoming, I have to keep forcing myself to keep drinking. I went to a kung fu club here to try keep up my kung fu and did a class on knife work and blocking it (the instructor did say that just hand over your wallet, don’t even bother trying to block it). Speaking of weapons, it’s ridiculously easy to buy weapons here, you can even get a gun from Walmart!

Some eating was done – tasty tacos, yummy fried chicken and wafffles and awesome cookies. It was good, because we’ve been cooking a lot of our own food when camping to keep costs low (although it was nice to cook in a proper kitchen!) If you end up there, go to the Garage for burgers and chicken and Hot Dynasty (I highly recommend Grandmother’s twice cooked pork and ma po tofu).

We went to our first American pub trivia night with Kate annd Nic and we sucked big time. It was unfair that one topic was about Utah sport…

Utah’s State Capitol building!


Salt Lake City is pretty cool, it’s a massive grid city in the middle of a desert where Brigham Young said this is the place for the Mormons to settle (see picture just below). We stupidly took the first path we saw and it was so steep that I had to climb and scrabble at one point, you can imagine what we thought when we saw families with young kids at the top. Bastards.


The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have some impressive buildings. The one on the right was Brigham Young’s first place, the Beehive. Chris was a bit freaked out by the whole thing.

There’s also pedestrian crossings with flags that you pick up and wave as you cross the road (it’s specific to Utah) and apparently it’s because drivers are shit at stopping for pedestrians. Chris had a go and it worked!

It was a great week and lovely to spend time with Kate, Nic and Jabu. I have no more pictures because we really didn’t do much else apart from hang out.

I lie, I leave you with with a picture from Dinosaur Monument as Chris complained I didn’t put any pictures of it up in my last post – this is what a kid drew.