Goodbye America, you’ve been such a diverse place to visit – deserts, mountains, forests, meadows, sea, wilderness, cities and things inbetween. We probably didn’t eat as much awesome American food as we should have (we did a lot of cheap camping cooking), and if we did it again we would have liked to have just concentrated on a few National Parks in southern Utah and instead gone up north to Glacier National Park, Montana and Oregon but wouldn’t have changed what we have done – meeting an old friend and the lovely people we have met along the way and made friends with and hope to visit one day if we go back to America or have seen wonderful things we wouldn’t have like seeing Saturn at the Natural Bridges astronomy night.

It’s been an interesting first 2 months, being ill whilst travelling isn’t great especially in America with no health insurance (we do have travel insurance) nor is the desert heat in the summer. But thanks Chrispy for being with me.

We did end with an excellent meal, stonebaked pizza at LA airport and quite possibly one of the best we have ever had. Thank you.