Wow, I must admit I forgot it on September 27th that we had been away for 3 months until Chris reminded me later. With the soothing ability of that the past gives you, parts of America (desert, being ill) doesn’t seem so bad anymore – hah! However I will never go camping in the summer in the desert again.

Time seems to have gone by quickly and travelling seems easier this past month in New Zealand, maybe it’s because we’ve met up with old friends, made new friends and also we haven’t actually camped at all (it’s been cold as it was transitioning from winter to spring). I guess I’m more used to it now and I thank you guys for keeping in touch with me as it has really helped a lot.

We still need to get the hang of being flexible travellers though, trying not to book more than 1 place at a time so it gives you the flexibility to stay somewhere for longer if you like it. But I think we’re getting there, we decided on our last day in New Plymouth to head down to Wellington and just booked Airbnb on that day.

So far, we have learnt the following skills from travelling:

  • Building a fire. It’s actually not that easy but kindling helps.
  • Using an axe to chop wood, Chris is better at this than me.
  • Living out of a rucksack and getting by with less clothes and shoes. Layers are your friend.
  • Cooking proper steamed rice in a pan – I’ve always used a rice cooker before this.
  • Being more sociable

That’s all I can think of right now, I need some dinner and sleep!

(The next post will be about central North Island of New Zealand, I promise).