I’ve been thinking I should done a post about having been travelling for 6 months so I’ve copied and pasted some stuff from my previous blog…but don’t worry, there’s new info below!

Thoughts on travelling after 6 months

It’s been generally good, a lot more used to being on the road.

Occassionally it feels like a lot of  work having to constantly think about where to go, how to get there, where to stay and where/what to eat. To be honest we got better at it, it’s just that these past couple of days have been terrible – we spent abut 8 hours researching stuff. It doesn’t help that lunar new year (Tet) is happening end of this month in Vietnam so there’s less options with trains. Chris says I worry too much, which is true.

I think I’ve said this before but I’ve become super paranoid about being ill on the road whilst being away. The thought of being ill whilst travelling frightens me although if we’re somewhere for a week, I feel it’s not so bad. The times it would really suck is when you’ve got some travelling to do like in Fiji when Chris had a tasty fish curry and the next day we had a 5 hour bus ride! He claims it was still worth it.

So here are some stats:

Accommodation in the last 6 months (in no particular order):

  • Camping in a tent – 28 nights. Recommended when you have good weather. You don’t want to put a wet tent away.
  • Camping in a campervan – 2 weeks. You feel superior to tent/small car campers when the weather is shite as you can hang out/cook inside.
  • Airbnb – 23 airbnb places. Really recommend this over hostels/hotels, way better as rooms are nicer and there’s less people and you meet locals and it works out cheaper! Wifi tends to be better too.
  • Motels – 5 places. Not that bad in America but expensive!
  • Hostel – 11 places
  • Housesitting – just under 2 weeks in total. This was pretty sweet, I loved looking after the cats, dogs and chickens and the house was amazing. Housesits are the way forward.
  • Staying with friends – 3 weeks or so in total. Thanks friends for putting up with us! It saved us a lot of money and it was fun too.
  • Hotel – 2 places
  • Car – 1 night. It was too windy and wet to pitch a tent. It wasn’t that bad.
  • Plane – 1 night when we flew to Fiji.

Expenditure: too much. Screw you Brexit!

My travelling wardrobe

So I started off with a ton of stuff including anything you might need whilst travelling like duct tape, medicine supplies and glasses kit. I actually used the glasses kit like when the screw came out of my glasses, which is odd because it has never happened in all the years I’ve been wearing glasses! (I’ve been wearing them since I was 9 or 10).

This is how I packed over 6 months ago. It was way too much and somehow fitted into a 46L rucksack plus a side bag. But okay for when we had our own transport in America and New Zealand.


A month ago after leaving New Zealand, we posted a ton of stuff home (camping equipment) and got rid of some clothes too. We quickly realised that without a vehicle, we couldn’t get away with having as much before! 15-18 kilos for each of us is way too much to carry on your back as we discovered whilst crossing overland from Singapore into Malaysia.

Now the below is what I have now (minus a jumper and a couple of tops I threw away these past few days). I think we’re now a bit under 13 kilos for each of us. It’s too hot for those sort of things in South East Asia although I have kept a lightweight fleece for those odd cold days/places with air-con. I’m constantly thinking about how to downsize even more, I think 10 kilos or less would be nice!


Stuff I wished I never took with me – dresses. Barely wore them. Overall I’d bring less clothes, you end up wearing the same things all the time and it’s been easy to get laundry done.

Stuff we have lost/broke

  • 5 water bottles. The first one broke (sorry Carole, didn’t even get to use the filter) within the first week of travelling. Chris melted one when he tried to clean it with boiling water. We’ve given up with them.
  • 2 travelling clotheslines somewhere in Fiji??
  • lost 2 camera lens caps. According to Chris, it’s not technically lost as he knows one is in the bottom of a pond in a desert near a climbing town called Landing in America.
  • broke a mini speaker but it worked fine later – now we have 2 for some snazzy surround sound time
  • dropped laptop and tablet a couple of times. Oops. They’re still working although with a couple of dents.



  • Glacier heli hike in New Zealand
  • Making new friends and meeting up with old friends : )
  • Staying with Kate in Salt Lake City. We really like Salt Lake City.
  • Housesitting in Christchurch. I love Griff the cat sitting with me, that’s him in the featured image!
  • Singapore
  • Knowing some of our family and friends coming to join us later in Japan!
  • The occassional times when we stay at an airbnb and the host is away so we have the whole place to ourselves!
  • Getting a few boardgames in with friends.
  • Playing a game of badminton.
  • Not being run over yet in Vietnam or eaten by bears in America



  • When we’ve been ill. In fact I’ve caught Chris’ cold at the moment.
  • The heat and dust in the desert. I got really grumpy and it wasn’t fun for Chris to put up with me.
  • The strong cat smell in an airbnb in New Zealand. The lady had about 10 cats and several dogs and the place wasn’t really clean.
  • Freezing our asses off in Grand Teton National Park. I kept shivering in the tent all night and couldn’t sleep. Chris kept shivering when we went out for an early pony trek the next morning.
  • Spilling a packet of laksa soup in the footwell of the driver’s seat when we decided to camp in the car and cook in it. It was too windy and wet to set up a tent in New Zealand and also to cook outside.
  • Spending too much money in America, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Yikes. At that rate, we’ll be going home soon.

That’s it for now, going to chill out and watch some tv and sleep.Bye!