So it’s been 9 months and 7 days to be exact since we left the UK for our travels. Here’s some insights from being long term travellers in no particular order:

  • You don’t need half the shit you think you need when you pack.  I’ve been living on 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of short leggings in the past few weeks. 6 pairs of pants, 3 bras and 3 pairs of socks if you really want to know you pervert.
  • Which is why laundry day is exciting.
  • Airbnb still rocks because it’s so nice to have a living room and a kitchen to use! But the best thing is staying with locals and getting to know them and their culture.
  • I may be on the other side of the world but I still like to hear about what you’ve been up to.
  • Dental care is better and cheaper (like Malaysia and Thailand) – for instance in Penang just last week, I got a 30 minute teeth clean (very thorough) and a new filling done with a lot of care and attention for half the price I pay back home in the UK (combo of NHS & private cleaning) and a follow up telephone call to make sure everything was okay. Amazing.
  • We’re not on holiday, we’re just living somewhere different from time to time.
  • Brexit makes travelling more expensive.
  • South east asia is not designed for pedestrians or runners. There’s a lot of walking in the road so be prepared to be run over (just make sure you have travel insurance first).
  • It’s easier to make friends whilst travelling- this is more true for Chris as let’s face it, he’s not a social butterfly.
  • We realise that we’re pretty privileged in the UK.
  • We’ve become used to and prefer this travelling lifestyle.
  • Once you’ve become a long term traveller, you begin to understand your friends who have done similar travels because I didn’t get it before. For example, we agree money is the best present whilst on the road, it’s light to carry and we can buy something we know we need.
  • Cheap food in asia tastes better than cheap food in the UK. For example we had brunch today for just £2.25 for both of us – won ton noodle soup and won ton fried noodles. And it definitely tasted better than McDs or Greggs.
  • We miss stuff from the UK but you don’t really miss it actually if you see what I mean. For example, we might miss [x] biscuits but we don’t cry about it- there’s plenty of other good stuff to eat here.
  • It’s hot in asia. It’s also hot in the US desert.
  • America was also better than we thought it’d be – the landscape is amazing.
  • New Zealand was bigger than we anticipated.
  • We like Penang – that’s where the above artwork of Bruce Lee kicking the cat comes from. I don’t condone kicking cats or any animals but Bruce Lee is cool.

We’ve definitely experienced and learnt a lot on our travels, it’s a precious and amazing experience.

Signing off now.