Hey guys, just to give you a bit of an idea about our timeline in case you haven’t read my previous Thailand blog last month (you should really make time to read my awesome posts and brighten your life), we were in Penang from mid March to mid May.

(Although we did have a quick 2 week jaunt in the middle to KL & Bangkok).

Hah, it ended up being one of those places that we’ve enjoyed staying in so we stayed for longer! In fact we we were planning to go to Myanmar after 3 weeks here, but Myanmar was going to cost a few hundred dollars for just flights & visas alone for the pair of us and it didn’t seem to be cost effective for 2 weeks there.

Well Penang won, we like Penang and staying in one place is always cheaper because you stop paying for flights, trains and buses (for example, going from Cambodia – Bangkok – Penang in the space of a week cost us about a few hundred dollars!)

Approaching the island of Penang by ferry.

2017-03-14 002

Other views of Penang2017-03-21 0272017-03-22 0142017-03-22 034

Stuff we like about Penang:

  • People seem to be more accepting here, even if you’re a tourist unlike other SEA countries where you’re seen as someone to make money from
  • Georgetown is a city that’s easily explorable like Southampton but not as crazy as Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok
  • It has great food
  • Incidentally by staying longer here, we start to find our favourite places to go eat 🙂 and that’s a nice feeling
  • It’s cheap (by our Western standards). A meal can be about £1.50 from a hawker stall.
  • Staying at an airbnb that has a kitchen, living room etc so it’s living in a real home!
  • Thunderstorms – rainy season is here and its pretty amazing to watch the lightning and rain
  • Architecture n Penang is pretty cool, a lot of old chinese architecture. Georgetown (main bit) in Penang is a UNESCO place and I think that means high rises aren’t allowed

2017-03-16 0032017-03-22 012

Abandoned chinese house. Looks pretty cool!IMG_20170422_101701

  • Art scattered around Georgetown. For some reason, a lot of tourists love posing with this picture. It’s cool but not the most awesome well for me anyways. I love seeing tourists pose with them but accidentally stand in front of the kids hahaha

2017-03-21 0132017-03-17 006

Pretty clever2017-03-21 021

Giant cat!2017-03-21 019

I love a good dinosaur!2017-03-21 035

This is awesome.2017-03-22 017

Some stuff that sucks about Penang:

  • Heat & humidity – it’s around 30 degrees. It’s possible to sweat from just sitting. I probably have a couple of showers a day…
  • It’s also actually too hot most of the time to walk more than 10-15 minutes anywhere. You need a scooter, bus or car or taxi.
  • Lack of pavements. Seriously. Pavements tend to be drain covers/slabs and exist for about 20 metres before disappearing. There’s a lot of walking on the side of the road/bit of grass on the side. We’re used to this but at least traffic in other SEA countries slow enough to let you walk across – here they’re just plain assholes especially the scooters who zoom past you.

Here’s a photo that shows a bit of pavement, you cross the road and it just disappears…                                                           IMG_20170502_155228

  • Mosquitoes still exist here. The worst part is when they get inside your mosquito net designed to protect you from them at night and it’s like they’ve been given the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory and feast upon you like they’ve never eaten before.
  • Plastic bags. Everything is in a bag inside another bag inside another bag inside bag..you get the idea. A few places like Uniqlo don’t give out bags unless asked, I approve of this.

We’re still on our adventures. Here’s Chris passing the next step of the adventure.


So after 9 or so months after our adventures – here are what my Vans look like on the left. The one on the right is how it used to look when we left in June2016… Caked in a lot of desert dust from America, more dirt in New Zealand and a lot of disgusting street crap from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.2017-03-22 010

Here’s a reward for being faithful readers, a cool picture of us…


Ps. We’re in Japan.